Elegant theme contains impressive colors and buttons to can be a special part of your site, while it is totally fit to your template. It can be used for blogs, webshops, everywhere, the design is awesome.


Search box settings

Search box font

Search box font set the all properties of the text appear in the search input box. Click on the link, and the Font Manager will load in popup. In this section it won't be detailed, there is an article for it.

Search box background

With this theme you can set the search input background color.

Search box active background

Set the background in active state.

Search box border color

Here you can add a color of the border around the search input.

Animation for loading

When you make a search, and the AJAX query is running (approx.: 10-500ms) a loading animation will appear in the right corner. This options can be also disabled.

Image for close button

After the search has ended, and the results appear a closing image will shown in the place of the loading animation, what can close the result box. You can select this image here.

Close image color

You can change the closing image color.

The search button background gradient color

In this theme the search button has a higlighted position and design. You can set a gradient color for its background. Just select the start color with the left color picker, and the end color with the right one. Then a linear gradient will created what you can see live in the parameter.

Gradient selector
Gradient selector
Image for search button

Search button can be clickable, if you have set a result landing page in Basic options, or can be stand next to the search input without real functionality. You can set the image for it.

The search button background gradient hover color

Hover state can be also set with a gradient parameter.

Plugin title gradient background color

In the Basic Parameters you can set the titles for the search plugins, what will appear in the result box, at the top of the results. Here you can set its background color.

Plugin title font

A font manager will open, when you click on the link. This options will refer to the plugins title.

Image for actual paginator state

If there are more results, what can be appear in the result box a new page will created. In that case pagination buttons will shown next to the plugin title. Here you can select which image would you like to show.

Actual paginator color

Set the active paginator-image color.

Image for hover paginator state

The hover paginator image can be also set.

Hover paginator color

Set the hover paginator-image color.

Image for inactive paginator state

An image can be also set for the normal state.

Inactive paginator color

Set the inactive paginator-image color.

Results settings

Result-element background color

This parameter set the background color for the result list.

Enable images

With our improved search plugins you can show images next to the result items. It can be a product picture, an image from the article, and so on... You can learn more about these plugins in the Connection between search plugins and Live Search article.

Result image width

As the parameter's name says, this option refers to the image width.

Result image height

You need to also define the height for the result image in pixels.

Displayed result items per plugins

Here you can set how many result items would you like to see in the result box per plugins. If you have more plugins enabled it is suggested to keep this number low, because 5 plugins with 10 results lead to so high result box, what can't be usable. If there are more items for a plugin, than this amount the paginator will appear, and it can be pageable.

Show intro text

If you set this option to No, only the result item's title appear, if Yes the description will also shown.

Intro text length

With this option you can limit the intro text length.

Result title font

Set the result title with font manager.

Result introtext font

Set the result introtext with font manager.

Result-element top border color

There is a small border around the result items, here you can set the top border color.

Result-element bottom border color

Here you can set the bottom border color of the result box.

Result title hover font

Set the result title with font manager for hover state.

Result introtext font

Set the result introtext with font manager for hover state.

Show see more link

See more link appear, when there are more results, what can be displayed, in case of some limitation. If you click on the link the landing page will appear. You can also disable this functionality.

See-more-link after results

Here you can define the amount of result items, what the see-more link show.

Show search result on front-end

However this options disable the main functionality of the Live Search, it can be use as a simple search module.

Enable mouse scrolling

In case of more than 1 page for one plugin the mouse scrolling can be enable for the pagination.

Hover, Active result-element background color

Background color for the result element in hover or in active state.

Hover, Active result-element font color

Font color for the result element in hover or in active state.

Category chooser font

Set the category chooser font properties.

Box shadow

Box shadow around the category chooser.

Rounded corners

Rounded corners (border-radius) can be set for the category chooser box.

See-more-link font

Change the see more link text properties.

See-more-link font hover

Change the see more link text properties in hover state.

Live Search with Elegant Theme
Live Search with Elegant Theme