The Font Manager can be found in the module manager, and helps you to find the most suitable font settings to your site in a very user-friendly interface. In the following you will be able to learn more all the settings what you can do it with it.

Font Manager
Font Manager

Where can it found?

In the Universal AJAX Live Search the font manager can be found in the module manager, you only need to click on the [Change font settings] link.



You can set the Font type here, like Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and so on...

Alternative font

The font types are not limited, so you can also use a custom font, if you would like. Just select the Alternative fonts for the Type, write your font's name into this input box, and switch on the switcher.


After selected the type, you need to set a family. We are using Google Fonts to give you the most wider supply of the fonts.


Size of the text. You can set the size in pixels, or in em.


If you check the checkbox the text will get these properties.


Color of the text. Click on the picker button to open the color chooser, or simply write the hex code of your favorite color.

Font Shadow

Text-shadow is a CSS3 property. It means that a shadow will attach to the text. There are 4 parameters for it. With the first 2 you can positioning the shadow by pixels. With the third parameter you can set the blur distance of the shadow also in pixels. The last parameter is the color of the shadow. If you would like to use it, you need to set on the switcher.


You can use text decorations, like Underline, Overline or Line-through.

Text transform

You can set text transform properties here. You can select from the followings: Capitalize, Uppercase and Lowercase

Line height

Set the line-height css options here.

Text align

You can set how you would like to align the text. The chooseable options are: left, center or right.

Preview text

Here you can modify the preview text properties. These settings have no effects for the selected font settings.