In this section you will learn more about the Basic Options. All of the settings will be explained well, and detailed.


Target search page

With this parameter you can set what will happen, if the user press enter button after typed a search expression. If you are using the default Joomla search module, type a keyword then press enter the Joomla Search Landing Page will load, so that is this parameter about. The default options is Joomla search landing page, but there are more 3rd party components there. Of course you can also switch this option. Note that the landing pages always related to the selected component, not the Live Search.

Search area align

You can define what alignment you would like to set for the search box. You can choose left or right.

Search result align

This options refers to the result box. Also can be set to left or right.

Show category chooser on frontend

Category chooser means that little arrow next to the search input. If you click on it a list will open, what will contains the enabled search plugins. You can learn more about search plugins in the Connection between search plugins and Live Search article. By default the selected search plugin will be thicked, but you can add more, or remove to limit the result list. The Live Search only will search with the selected plugins.

Category chooser on frontend
Category chooser on frontend
Show keyword suggestion

This parameter also needs some more explanations, what you can read in the Keyword suggestion & gathering article.

Minimum characters to search

You can set how many character need to start the search.

Search keypress timeout (ms)

You can set that how many milliseconds will wait until start to search. In other words, you can set a timeout between the keypresses.

Link target in result box

When the result box appear with results, you can set the links open on the same page, or in a new blank one.

Search only in

In this parameter you can choose from the enabled search plugins. You can learn more about search plugins in the Connection between search plugins and Live Search article. The Live Search only will show results from the selected plugins. You can also set custom titles for the plugins, what will appear in the search box.

Result ordering

With this parameter, you can set, how the results will be ordered. On the list, you can see the most common ordering options, what search plugins support. It can be newest, oldest, alpha, popular and category.

Searchbox caption

This caption will appear on the frontend, inside of the search box. When the user will click on it it will be disappear.

No matches title caption

You can set the title of the search box, when there is no result.

No matches caption

The text for no-result case for the result box.

See more link caption

See more link appear, when there are more results, what you have set to show. There are more parameters for it in the Theme Manager, so you also need to check that article.

No result
No result