The Theme manager is the set of parameters, where you can define the design and looking of the Live Search. It has its own tab in Joomla 3.x, but if you are using it with Joomla 2.5.x versions it can be found in the parameter list. As you can previously read, it has 4 individual theme, what has different options, so you can find detailed descriptions for all theme in the Themes section. Settings in the Theme manager has no effect directly to the working, you will get similar working method in all theme, only the design, structure and the functionality can be different. There are 3 parameters, what are the same in all theme, these are the following:



Here you can select what themes would you like to use for the Live Search:

  • Simple Theme
  • Elegant Theme
  • Minimal Theme
  • Flat Theme
Theme Skin

Theme skins define many color option with predefined values. The names are describe well what color package they include. After you select one the colors will changed automatically.

Font style

This parameter is also a kind of skin selector. There are many predefined values based on Google fonts, what set the font types in the font manager. There is an article for the Font Manager, where you can read that options in details.