Keyboard shortcuts may not work when you're interacting with form elements, since many keys have special meaning while typing into a text field. To avoid any issue, some shortcuts are disabled until the form element loses its focused status (i.e. the glowing ring around it). To overcome this inconvenience simply press . This will unfocus the form item you're working with and re-enable all keyboard shortcuts.

General interface shortcuts

Shortcut Description
in text fields Lose focus on current form item to make all keyboard shortcuts accessible.
on selected layer Toggles editing mode on the selected layer, so you can change the layer text in the preview area.
+ Undo. Erases the last change done to the slide revering it to an older state.
+ or
+ +
Redo. Reverses the undo or advances the buffer to a more current state.
+ Save the slider.

Slide actions

Shortcut Description
Toggle slide preview mode to see your work in action.
( / ) + Toggle layer preview mode to see only the selected layer(s) animating.

Managing layers

Shortcut Description
+ Copy selected layer(s), so you can paste them on different slides or move across sliders.
Please note: to avoid conflicts with the OS native copy event, this action will only work when there's no active text selection on the page.
+ Copy and remove selected layer(s) in a single step.
+ Paste previously copied layer(s).
+ Duplicate selected layer(s).
Remove selected layer(s).

Positioning layers

Shortcut Description
Move layers in any direction by a pixel on the slide canvas.
( / ) +
Move layers in any direction by 10 pixels on the slide canvas.
Hold while dragging layers Move layers along their vertical or horizontal axis.
Hold while dragging layers Disable the "snapTo" feature to freely move around layers.