With the Creative Slider you are able to create dynamic sliders, which can base on an image folder, Joomla articles, K2 items, or even products from webshop components. Every type has many placeholders, which can be placed into layers and will acting like shortcodes, and they will be filled with the actual content on the slider.

How to make that work?

You don't need to any special settings, just create a new slider, or edit an existing one. In the Slide options part of the editor, under Additional Settings you will see the Configure dynamic content button.

Dynamic slide settings
Dynamic slide settings

As you can see that popup can be separeated into 2 parts, one for the settings, and the other one is for the results, which match to your criterias, and will be follow up each other.

Generator type

Here you can select what kind of generator would you like to use. Please note that these settings are used globally, so you cannot have different settings for each slide individually, but you can reach this popup from any slider. Only the avaialable generators appear here, so for example if you have not installed K2, then that generator won't appear here, however if you install that later, that will be available automatically.

Generator settings

Basically you will see filters here. In case of Image from folder type, you will see one filter here, which related to the folder, but more filters can appear here with other types, as you can see on the following image (Joomla content). So use those filters to get the suitable results, like set authors, tags, and so on...

Dynamic slide settings more options
Dynamic slide settings with more options


Here you can change the order of the result items by different parameters. What order can you see in the result list, then that order will be usd for the slides as well.

On this slide

This is an exciting option, which you can use to define which element would you like to use on a slide. For example, you set the filters, but from the list you would like to use the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th element for your 3 slide. So with that option, you can specify that. Please note, that this settings are refer for the current slide, so this is not a global settings, like this other ones.

How to use it on the slide/layer?

When you are ready with the configuration, and have the suitable elements in the result list, you can start to use that on slides or layers' content.

You can use the image as slide background image. You only need to click on the Use dynamic img link in the Slide background image section.

Slide Image settings
Slide Image settings

You can learn more about the other background image related setting here: Slide Background Settings.
Another way of using is to add the placeholders into the layers. Those are different based on the selected generator type. You can add them by click on the Content tab of the layer, then the Dynamic content button. You will find the available [Placeholders] under the textarea. You can easily add them by click on them, and its value will be visible immediatelly on the slider preview. You can also change the global generator settings anytime by click on the Configure dynamic content button here, and also able to limit text length of a placeholder.

Dynamic content setting
Dynamic content setting

It is also possible to use the image as a layer. In that case click on the Image tab of the Layer content, and click on the use dynamic image link.

Content Image setting
Content Image setting