About Popups

Creative Slider is a well established product with many years of experience behind it. Combining our strong foundation and the vast number of features we already have with the newly introduced Popup plugin makes Creative Slider one of the best choice among popup plugins. All the features you would use in sliders are also available in Popups as well. This includes our feature rich image & content editor, multilingual popups, dynamic content from Joomla! contents, and of course Creative Slider's animation capabilities.

In addition, the Creative Slider Popup plugin comes with a variety of new options to fine tune the appearance and control when and how to display popups. Greet new visitors on your site with a beautifully designed animated banner with newsletter subscription or other offers. Display a message when they become idle. Show them recommended content before leaving the page or when they finished reading an article. There are a lot of possibilities and all of Creative Slider's content creation and animation capabilities are at your service to make popups that stand out from the crowd.

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Popup settings
Illustration of the Popup settings.

Embedding Popups

Popups can be embedded to your pages in the same way as traditional sliders. We're also providing a new method to fine tune how and when to display a Popup. See the next section to learn how to use the auto include feature.

Using the auto include feature

Given the nature of Popups, you will likely want to include it on multiple pages with fine tuning when and to whom it should appear. Although conventional methods of including sliders will work the same, you will probably want to use the auto include feature dedicated specifically to Popups.

The features described below will only with the auto-include method. If you use other methods such as shortcodes, widgets, page builders or PHP functions the Popup will always appear.
  • Set up a repeat: Disable the Repeat Popup option if you would like to show a Popup only once to a vistor. Enable the Repeat Popup option and leave the Repeat after # days option empty if you want to display the Popup on each page load. Alternatively, you can enter a value from 0 to 365 to repeat after the specified number of days has passed.
  • Fine tune your work: Don't forget to check out the Launch Popup section to set up triggers to control when the Popup should become visible. You can also fine tune the appearance of other aspects of your Popup with the other settings we didn't mention here.


The #closepopup Smart Link can be very helpful if you want to design your own close button with unique appearance and transitions. This option also available when linking the entire surface of slides.

Alternatively, you can apply the ls-close-popup-button class name to any element within the slider to achieve the same goal.

If you have multiple Popups on the same page, you might want a single button to close them all. In a case like that just apply the ls-close-all-popups-button class name on any element on the page.


  • My Popup doesn't show up: Review the Launch Popup section and verify that you've set a trigger. Also check out the Repeat Control options. You might already saw the Popup previously and there isn't a proper repeat set up. Make sure that the Popup should be visible to you and on the page where you test it based on the Target Pages & Target Audience settings.

    Furthermore, see if you've selected the Popup option under Slider Settings -> Layout. Popup is a premium feature, it also requires product activation if you haven't done it already.
  • My Popup show up as a regular slider: Make sure that you've selected the Popup option under Slider Settings -> Layout. Without that, your work will appear as regular sliders or not at all.
  • Can I use the same slider both as a Popup and regular slider? No. Popups have different layout options that would make it really impractical. However, you can duplicate the slider slider and use slightly different settings if you are looking into a workaround.
  • How can I use forms, email subscriptions, etc. in Popups? Currently, Creative Slider does not offer form building or email subscription features. However, you can use 3rd party solutions for these kind of purposes. Creative Slider is shortcode aware, just create an HTML layer and paste the shortcode of any 3rd party plugin of your choosing. This enables you to combine and use the best of both worlds without compromising.
  • Do you track impressions and other statistics? We're planning to introduce features like this in future updates. Until then you can embed custom HTML and Joomla! modules, so there shouldn't be an obstacle to use 3rd party solutions of your choosing.