After you successfully installed the Creative Slider Extension to your Joomla! site you can just start to use it. In the following you can read all about how the Creative Slider works. Every settings and parameters will be described, and all of the elements of the User Interface will be introduced.

Creating a slider

First of all navigate to Components menu item on your backend, then select Creative Slider. Here you can see the main view of the Creative Slider component. There are four main part of the Slider list view of the Creative Slider Backend. Each of them has different functionality, what you will know after read this part.

Slider list

In this section you will find a list of your currently available sliders. There are two buttons above the list, called Add New and Import Sample Sliders. You will find detailed description about those buttons later.

Slider list
Slider List

The structure is so simple, you can find information of each sliders in the rows. Module assignments column is a dynamic one. Here you will find all of the modules assigned to the current slider. If you click on any of these buttons it will redirects you to the selected module to easily modify its settings. The colors also important. The published modules’ buttons are with green, the unpublished are red. If you click on the blue button with Create module label you will able to create another new module for the current slider. You can learn more about that in the following article: Place slider into a module position.

The import sample sliders button is quite important there as well, because you can get all of the sample sliders which you can see on the demo site. You can learn more about the sample slider import feature in the following article: Import sample sliders.

Exporting your sliders

You can export your sliders for backup purposes or to move them between different Joomla sites. You can export all of your sliders in a single step, as well as select them individually. Your browser will download an export file containing your sliders once you hit the "Export" button. Keep this file at a secure location. You can learn more about that feature by click on the following link: How to export.

Importing sliders

Choose the export file you previously downloaded and click the "Import" button. This will bring back your previously exported sliders immediately. You can learn more about that here: Importing sliders.

Offlajn Dashboard

In this section you can find the Offlajn DashBoard with many important information. Here you can get your current version number, what can be important if you ask for support from our team. If you write a support ticket, and provide the version number it can shorten the resolving time. Please also note that using the latest version all the time also can reduce your issues in case of an error come up. You can also will notified if a newer version is available than yours, and also find informations about your subscription. Under the Rate US part you can find a link to the Creative Slider Joomla Extensions Directory page. If you are satisfied with the Creative Slider and our services, you can share your positive experince with the others by a review on there. Please note that those page is not for asking support, so if you have any question or problem create a support ticket on our site.

Offlajn Dashboard
Offlajn dashboard

Adding Google Fonts

Expand the "Google Fonts" box if it was collapsed previously. Inserting codes and URLs isn't necessary in CreativeSlider, you can use the built-in search field in the lower left corner of the box. Enter your search term and hit the [Enter] key. Click on the font you would like to use and select its variants in the next window. You can click the [Add font] button without selecting any variants if you would like to use only its regular version. After adding the font, you can choose to load it globally or on the admin interface only. After that you just need to edit your slider, click on a layer to edit, then on the Styles tab. Just write the font’s name into the Family paramater’s input field.

Google Fonts
Google font manager

Advanced Settings

In this section you can find some settings, which are related to the working behavior of the Creative Slider. Please note that without experience don't change these options as incorrect settings might break your site.

Advanced settings
Advanced settings