19 May 2020

  • New features
    • Import layers from other sliders
    • FontAwesome icon support added for text based layers
  • Improvements
    • Auto-open image manager when adding image layer
    • Context menu (right click on layer) revamped & fixed
  • Bugfixes
    • Streched background images when browser's zoom isn't in default state
    • Undomanager issues when inserting content into textarea
    • Minor PHP, JS, CSS optimizations and bugfixes

25 Feb 2020

  • New features
    • Layer context menu on right-click
    • New layer type: Button
  • Improvement
    • Layer type chooser added to [Add new Layer]
  • Bugfixes
    • Minor bugfix for dynamic content length option
    • Joomla article published date fixed in dynamic content
    • Minor PHP, JS, CSS optimizations and bugfixes

14 Feb 2019

  • New features
    • Capture slide: One-click slide thumbnail generator from preview
    • New Advanced Option: Save slide histories
  • Improvements
    • Auto-mute video when autoplay is enabled
    • Display existing URL at enter image URL
    • Backward compatibility added for {ls-navigate} short-tag
    • Wordwrap property removed from layers style attribute
    • Code optimizations
  • Bugfixes
    • YouTube API compatibility fix with other extensions
    • Bugfix for repeat popup after session expire
    • Random first slide feature fixed
    • Bugfix for missing thumnail images after slider import
    • GSAP compatibility fix for Scroll to element feature
    • Minor PHP, Javascript and CSS bugfixes

10 Jul 2018

  • Improvements
    • New parameters: Alt and Title attributes added to slide options
    • Compatibility fix added with old jQuery versions
  • Bugfixes
    • Admin slider preview issue fixed
    • Minor PHP, Javascript and CSS bugfixes

20 Jun 2018

  • Improvements
    • New feature: Add custom class for slider
    • Empty layer removed from new slide & slider
    • Add new layer button highlighted
    • Minor improvements and optimizations
  • Bugfixes
    • Open slider in fullscreen on double click only when allowed
    • Minor PHP, Javascript and CSS bugfixes

11 Apr 2018