In this article you can get a fast run-through on the menu settings, and you will able to create an instance to your frontend.

1. Installation

Download the zip installation package file from your download area, then go to Extensions / Extension Manager. Browse the downloaded file, then click to the Upload & Install button.

2. Getting to the module manager

By installing the module an instance will automatically created in the Module manager, so you can edit that one, or create a new one by click on the New button on the top left, and select the Vertical Menu as type.

3. Setting-up the parameters

Joomla specific settings

First of all, type a name to the module. Then on the right, select a position for the menu item, where you would like to show it on your frontend. You should always set a valid position for the menu module, even though you would like to use it as a sidebar. Set the status to Published and under the Menu assigned tab on the top, select the pages where you would like to display the menu. It is also recommended to change the Module Style parameter under the Advanced tab on the top to none value.

Basic Parameters

Now let's turn back to the menu-specific options. Under this section you can set some basic parameters, which will have effect for the operation of the menu.

With the Content type option you can select which content type would you like to use. You can select from 8 types. Please note, that maybe not all of the types will be in your list, because only the installed components will appear.

  • Joomla menu
  • Joomla content (articles and categories)
  • K2
  • Virtuemart
  • JoomShopping
  • HikaShop
  • Redshop
  • Zoo

With the Navigation type you can set how your menu will behave. There are 5 different types. All of them are described in details in the other part of the documentation.

  • Slide menu
  • Drop-Down menu
  • Treemenu
  • Expanded menu
  • Accordion menu
Select the navigation type
Select the navigation type

The next Menu positioning option related to where to position the menu module. Here you can select from 4 different positions. All of them are described in details in the other part of the documentation.

  • Module position
  • Popup
  • Left/Right sidebar
Menu positioning
Menu positioning

Type Parameters

In this section you can make settings for the selected menutype. You can select which categories will be shown with a multiselect, or switch whether the items/products will also appear in the menu.

Theme Parameters

Vertical Menu has 2 different themes (Flat and Clean), and each one has predefined color schemes. You can select a scheme, then you are able to edit each color by smart color pickers. You are also able to change the Font settings, and you can set-up different design for each levels.


Now you just have to save the module, and check it on your frontend.