This mode is the basic usage of a Joomla module. The Vertical Menu will be placed into the selected position. With this mode the menu can transform into sidebar mode on devices with smaller screen.
The menu automatically able to get the height from the items, or a fix height is also possible. In this case a solid scrollbar will appear if neccessary.

Related parameters

Basic parameters

With Force menu to sidebar under parameter you can set a value that under specified screen resolution the menu will be transformed to the sidebar to keep your site responsive, and will look well on smaller screens, practically on smartphones. That's why the sidebar related settings also available here.

With the Sidebar / Popup width you can set the width of the whole menu.

Theme parameters

With Color behind the site option you are able to set the background color behind the site during the 3D sidebar animations.

Color behind the site parameter

Color behind the site when menu opened
Animation parameters

Sidebar animation parameter means that which animation will used for menu opening effect. You can select from 14 predefined animations. All of them work on mobile devices. Click the button below to check the effects on the demo site.