With this mode the menu will appear from the selected side of the page with GPU accelerated animations. There are 14 predefined effects from the simple one to 3D animations as well. All of them are well-optimized, and also work on mobile devices. The width of the menu is adjustable from the backend, and the menu opening is triggerable from a menu item, not just with its opener button.
This position appears on the selected side of the site when you open it, so it won't take any place of that. That helps to keep your site responsive, and able to looks well on any device.

Related parameters

Basic parameters

With the Sidebar / Popup width you can set the width of the whole menu.

Theme parameters

With Color behind the site option you are able to set the background color behind the site during the 3D sidebar animations.

Color behind the site parameter

Color behind the site when menu opened
Animation parameters

Sidebar animation parameter means that which animation will used for menu opening effect. You can select from 14 predefined animations. All of them work on mobile devices. Click the button below to check the effects on the demo site.

Reduce width effect

This a special mode of the sidebar, and a bit different from the others. If you check that on the demo site, you will see that in that case the content of the site won't be pushed away, just its width be reduced, so all of the content will be still visible. You can also still scroll down to anywhere on the site, because there is no overlay on the content, and able to click on any item, the sidebar won't be closed.