With Popup mode you can show the menu in the selected module position, or even on the top left side of your page. At the first time only the opener button is visible, and if you click on it the menu will appear below the button, or if there is not enough space there, above it.
Smooth scrolling navigation is also available feature with this mode. In this case if you click on a menu item the page will scrolled to the specified area. Auto hide feature will able to hide the menu on smaller screens after clicked on a menu item to make the whole content visible.

Related parameters

Basic parameters

With the Sidebar / Popup width you can set the width of the whole menu.

The Menu max-height parameter is for set a maximum height for the menu items. If there are more items, which is visible in the set height a scrollbar will appear. Set for 0 will automatically adjust the menu's height.

Advanced parameters
Hide fixed popup menu after scroll under width parameter is useful if you use the popup menu in a one-page layout for scrolling to specified areas. You can set that under a resolution the menu will hide after the scroll to keep the maximum space for the content, and doesn't cover it.