Create a single page to handle login and registration with the Improved AJAX Login & Register is very easy, just make an article and a menu item for it. It can take only some minutes. You should follow these steps:

Step 1

You should navigate to the Content / Articles / add new article tab. You need to add a title and set the status to published.

Step 2

You should navigate to menus / all menu items tab. Create a new Menu item with single article type, and select the article which you made before. Set the status to published and add a menu in which you want to display it.

Step 3

You should go to Module manager and select the Improved AJAX Login & Register. You should disable the Open login in popup and Open register in popup parameters. In the menu assignment tab, you should pick your menu item in the menu selection.

After that you can check the Login and Registration page if you navigate to the menu item in the frontend.