Under the options you can see many parameters, what can fully customize the Improved Login working method and style. The first box is always the Offlajn Dashboard, what tells you informations about the subscription state, whether a new version is avilable or not, useful informations about the latest blog entries according to the Login and support button, if you have difficulties. Let see these parts desribed more.

General Information

In this box, you can see general information about the extension and your subscription

  • Version: Show the current version of the Improved Login, what you are using. In the changelog, you can follow what improvements happened in different versions.
  • Updates: If your subscription has not expired, and a new version is available, you will be notify here. You can learn more about the upgrade in the How to upgrade my Improved Ajax Login and Registration article.
  • Licence: Show when your subscription will expire. The subscription starts from the first download and it takes for 6 month.
Dashboard General
Dashboard General Informations

Related News

Here you can see the latest blog-posts of the new features and improvements of the Login. These can be useful to properly know the new functionality, and use the article as a tutorial.

Dashboard Related News
Dashboard Related News

Support and Review

If you have difficulties during set-up the module, or experienced malicious functioning you can open a support ticket by pressing the Support Ticket button. If your subscription hasn't expired we will contact you soon.

There is another important button here, called Support US. With this button our page of the Joomla Extensions Directory will load. Sending a review helps to us, because we know that our customers statisfied, and helps for other people to choose this extension. Note that posting review is not equals as you write a support ticket, so if you have issue with the extension, please send a ticket to us.

Dashboard Support and Review
Dashboard Support and Review