The Form Manager what allow you to create your own registration form, was the main feature of the version 2.0. The whole form manager based on jQuery, and working on the backend of Joomla.

First steps

To reach the Form Manager, you need to login to your Joomla! administrator page.

After successful login, go to the Components/Improved AJAX Login & Register/Form Manager. You will see a default form in the list. To edit it, click on the name, and the Form Manager will load.

Form manager
Form manager

About the layout

Form manager has a very intuitive design, what helps the user all the time. The layout has 3 separated part, which all has the functionality.


On the left hand side, there are the usable fields. It has 3 main groups, what are the followings:

Form manager Form manager Form manager
Form manager field types
  • Default fields: These fields are the most common fields, what a registration form usually come with. These items are a suggestions for the users, to what to include in the form.

  • Profile fields: These are additional fields, what can extend the registration form, if you would like to know more from your users.

  • Custom fields: These fields help to complete your form with labels, header texts, and so on...

All the fields what are not inactive can be simply pulled to the form, and when you find the suitable position just release the mouse, and the field will be there. Just use a single drag & drop method.

  • Sync additional fields: As you know the installed extensions sometimes place additional fileds into the core registration form. Now you are able to gather those fields in the Form Manager with one click.
  • Form manager
    Additional fields

    The Form

    On the center you can see the registration form. This form is a Live Editor, so the users will see it on the frontend as you leave it when save. When the fields are in the form, you always has the chance to edit the order of the fields also with the drag & drop method. You can also remove a field by simple click on it, then click on the delete button. If you would like to keep an element, but edit its properties, click on it, and the editor will appear on the right.

    Live Form Editor
    Live Form Editor

    Edit properties

    In this part, you can edit the properties of the form and a field. If you click on an element of the form, it will load the field settings.

    Edit form and field properties Edit form and field properties
    Edit form and field properties

    In the Form tab, you can edit the title, language, layout settings and hidden inputs. to login to your Joomla! administrator page.

    The Field tab is variable for each field. You can edit the label, add placeholder and help or error message, define the class, name and name scope.

    Hidden fields
    Hidden fields

    You can place Hidden fields into the registration form, where you can place additional data with a small scripts, which can be used as a note in the backend. These fields are not visible when the users change the profile settings.

    Tutorial Video

    We have created a tutorial video, what shows the Form Manager during work with narrated voice.