In this section you will learn more about the Basic Parameters. All of the settings will be explained well, and detailed.



With this option, you can define the main-design concept of the Improved Login. A theme always define the main style of the popup boxes, the icons, buttons...etc. After defining the theme, you can customize it by different skin settings. You can read more about it in the Theme Parameters article.

Login header text

You can set the Login popup-box header text, what will appear on the top of the popup box. See image:

Login header text
Login header text

Login with Username / Email

With default Joomla login, the user only can sign in by the username. This is also improved, you can also select to login with email address, or both.

Show name / Username

After successful login, you can set what appear in the login button. See image:

Username after Login
Username after Login

Remember default value

You can enable/disable that the remember me button on login form is checked or not by default. It keeps the user logged in if the page is closed, or navigated to other sites until the browser keeps this session live.

Open login/menu on

With this parameter you can set-up that the login popup box will open when the user click on it, or simply just hover with the mouse. This option also has effect for the usermenu. There will be explanations for the usermenu later.

Login redirection page

After successful login, you can set a redirection page. This can be useful, if you would like to redirect the user after login to e.g. your webshop page.

Logout redirection page

Of course there is opportunity for logout redirection. It can be a good-bye or a thank you for visiting page. Note that you can set pages for redirections from your menu items.

User menu

User menu appeared after successful login. When the user click on the down arrow next to the name (or hover based on the setting upper) a usermenu will appear. The items of it can be customizable see below, and you can also define what default Joomla menu would you like to display there. This usermenu can help to your customers to easy find your webshop, sales, or other important sites, and can increase your incomes.


Profile page

As you can see on the image above there is a My profile button, what redirect to the profile page, what here you can define. There are some predefined one, but if you would like a custom link, you need to select [Custom], and write the url.

Registration page

The default setting of this parameter is Joomla. It means, that on the popup box for registration button the form, what you have created (or leave the default one) in the component part will appear there on Frontend, and the users will be default Joomla users. Of course you can set other extensions from the list, and can add a custom link for pressing the registration button. In that case the button redirects the user to the selected component registration page.

Allow registration

By default the registration can be allowed under User menu item on the backend. Here you can override this setting, or use the default one. There is also an opportunity to allow the registration, but hide the Improved Login registration button for cases, when you would like to use another registration form.

Add Profile to Usermenu

You can read more above of the usermenu and the profile page. Here you can hide this option from the menu, if you wouldn't like to show.

Show cart to Usermenu

If you are using Virtuemart, this option can be useful for you. But of course, you can also hide it.

Show Login Form in popup

The default working of the Improved Login is to show the login form in a popup box, but you can also show it as a module on the frontend. See image below, to understand the difference:

Form in popup
Form in popup vs simple module

Show Registration Form in popup

The default working of the Improved Login is to show the registration form in a popup box, but you can also show it as a module on the frontend.

Ask forgot username

Show or hide the Forgot username? question in the login form.

Show hints always

There are hints available for all inputs. The title of the input field will show by default, when you hover over the input. If you switch this parameter to on, the hint will be shown, while there is on focus on the element, in other words, while you are typing. When the user click on another element the hint will disappear.

Open popups at center

Normally the login and register buttons open the popup under the buttons. You can set, that these buttons open these boxes on the center of the screen. It can be useful, when you place the Improved Login to the bottom of the page.