In this section you can find advanced parameters for advanced users. Normally you don't need to change anything here.


Module class suffix

You can set module class suffix if you would like to give a custom css design to the module. Just write a class here, and it will appear in the module container.

AJAX Timeout

This parameter is only for Advanced users. You can set how long can the AJAX request lasts, 0 is infinite.

Encrypt login form

With this option you can encrypt the login form. SSL needed to can use it.

Use Curl for OAUTH

This is a debug option. You can use curl for oauth, if the standard method is not working well. Only for advanced users.

Heavy cache fix

Enable this parameter if the social login is not working on your site.

Login's / Register's module positions

You can define a module position, what will show in the the login or register popup. This is working as the same method when a template defines module positions. Just write its name here, or leave the default one. Then go to the module, what you would like to show in the top of the login popup, and write the previously set name to its position. The following settings is also working similar. Note that you don't write the same position name as you put the Improved Login.