Theme parameters are responsible for the looking of the Improved AJAX Login of the Frontend. In this section you can set everything, what has effect for the design. Colors, gradients, fonts, and many more.

Theme Parameters

Theme Skin

There are many predefined skins for the themes. These not just different colors, the skin parameters has effect for all the settings what are under this parameter. The names' of them are very desprective, what refers to the main color of it.

Font Skin

Here you can set the main fonts for the different texts for the frontend. You can choose from predefined Font types, such as Arial and many Google Fonts. Of course you can also use alternative fonts, what can be set from the Font Manager. There is a detailed article for it, so read that if you would like to learn more about it.


This option is for the black overlay, when the login or register popup appear. As you can see, this parameter is a combined one, you can set 2 settings here:

  • Opacity: With this parameter, you can set the transparency of this overlay. The 0% means that it is fully clear like it is not there, and the 100% means that the overlay won't be transparent.
  • Pattern: You can choose a pattern for the overlay with the image manager. This can be also very spectacular with the many predefined image. Of course you can also upload your own one.

Login window

This parameter is also a combined one. These settings related to the popup windows. Let's see them:

  • Background: You can set the window background color with a fancy color picker.
  • Border width: Add a border to the popups. This can be use to separate them from the other content of your website.
  • Border color: In connection with the previous setting. You can set the border color with a colorpicker.
  • Border radius: This parameter is also related to the border. You can set rounded corners with it.

Login header font

You can set the header text appearance with the Font Manager. As you read before, there is a full article about its using.

Button font

You can change the buttons' text properties here.

Button background

You can set the background of the main buttons with this gradient parameter. Using this is parameter is so easy. Click on the left color box, and choose a color. This will be the start color if this linear gradient. Then click on the right color-chooser, and select the end color.

Login button in normal state
Button in normal state

Button hover background

You can also define the hover state also with this gradient parameter.

Login button in hover state
Button in hover state

Button style

With this combined field you can also set the buttons properties:

  • Padding: You can set the padding of the text of a button. With this option you can increase the distance of the edges of the button and its label.
  • Border color: Set the border color of the buttons.
  • Border radius: The rounded corners feature is also available there.


Set the background of the textfields for all what are appear in the popups. You can set the normal and the active state.

Checkbox border color

Set the border color of the checkboxes in the registration and login form.

Text font

As similar the other font options, you can define many different options for the textfields' text with the font manager.

Small text size

This option is related to small texts, like Forgot your username? or Remember me.

Error message color

Error messages can appear during the AJAX validation, for example when the user enter a wrong email address. With this param, you can set its color.

Error message background

You can also set a gradient background to the error message.

Error message
Error message

Hint message color

There are hints available for all inputs. This can be set in the way that when there is focus on an input this hint showed. When the user click on another element the hint will dissapear. You can set the color of this hint text.

Hint message color

As same as the error message, you can also set the hint text background color.