The Product Slider Extension supports the JoomShopping component.

JoomShopping parameters

Module Parameters

Any JoomShopping you have installed, you don't have to do anything special, just select the JoomShopping as Slider Type.

The other option is the Theme for the Product Slider. All of the Themes are described under the Slider Themes category here.

Type Parameters

Here you are able to setup the type specific settings. These can be different based on which of the type are you using.

Select type parameter will be set the type of the slider. Its selectable values are the following:

  • Custom products
  • If you select this parameter, the category chooser will be enabled right under, and you will be able to select from which categories would you like to show the products.

  • Popular products
  • In this case the products ordered by in the frontend by search hits.

  • Latest products
  • The last uploaded products will appear in the slider.

  • Manufacturers
  • With this selection, the manufacturers will be shown in the slider.

  • Products in the same category
  • In this case, first the products of the selected categories are displayed. When a product selected, the category dynamically changes, depending on which category in the selected product is.

With the JoomShopping Menu Item you can select the menu item which will be used for URL generation.

Randomize parameter will be show the items in a random order.

With the Number of products you can set how many items would you like to apper in the slider.

Show out of products is a button which can set to show/hide the products that are not in stock.

Image settings parameter refers for the product images in the slider. Here you can set its dimensions, and also can choose to crop the images, or even extend them with transparent color. You can see the difference on the image below:

Crop image type
Transparent image type